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Composite 'Direct' Fillings

In our centre we use the latest and most biocompatible materials for dental fillings. In the case of direct fillings (placed at the practice, during one visit) we use tooth-coloured fillings called composite. Unlike metal (silver or amalgam fillings) these materials imitate the natural colour and translucency of each tooth and blend in making them look as if the tooth is unrestored when speaking or smiling. Hybrid composites also have increased mechanical resistance which have reduced abrasion, washing away and fracturing, which makes them last longer than early materials.

The procedure

The procedure is very simple, a small filling can be completed in as little as 20 minutes with no pain. Following removal of the old filling or decay, we place the composite in layers, using a specialised light to harden each layer. When the process is finished, we shape the composite to fit the tooth. We then polish the restoration to make it feel smooth and comfortable.

Direct tooth-coloured fillings can work well in teeth with small to medium sized cavities, but where the tooth has broken or has suffered from extensive decay, other treatments may be more suitable. Direct fillings can last several years but will need periodic replacement, a good standard of cleaning can minimise staining and lengthen the life of a filling.

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