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We would like to thank our lovely patients for taking the time to leave us reviews. It really helps prospective patients decide whether to give us a try and also massively helps us keep going if we have had a tough day. We really appreciate all who feedback to us, we always strive to have happy confident patients. We have more google reviews than other local practices with three times the number of dentists we have! It's a wonderful testament to the caring team we have, but also the quality of our patients!

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I ignored the dentist for about 7 years, I started to get toothache and I had loads of fillings I wanted to get taken out…I would definitely recommend the Holistic Dental Centre.

Dental Review
Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

My teeth have never, ever been this good. It’s fantastic…the welcome in reception is warm, friendly, it’s engaging, it’s fun! And that’s not something you I can say aout every dental practice.

Dental Review
Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

I look at my social media profiles before and I wasn’t smiling at all. And now in every photo all you can see is teeth. I am really happy I have done it.

Dental Review
Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

I came to see Emma…I was a bit wary but I was in such a bad place. I came in here and it was just a breath of fresh air.

Dental Review
Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

I’ve had overcrowding of my teeth all my life and I was always told nothing could be done about it…It took me a couple of days to adjust to Invisalign but then after that, very comfortable.

Dental Review
Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

I have a general fear of the dentist, Emma’s is the first place I’ve come to where I feel generally relaxed…the treatment is so good I have had old fillings removed and new ones put in.

Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

Please pass on my sincere thanks (and this message) to Emma.

They have done an incredible job on my upper left molar today.

I am very grateful for their expertise and their diligence with my treatment today.

I felt extremely comfortable and was very happy to be continually informed prior to, during and after the treatment.

Also, having the rubber mat in the mouth to collect decay and drillings (sorry, I forgot the word for this mat) made the whole experience really comfortable.

I just wanted to express my gratitude for their help.

Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

For a long time I have known about the negative health implications of having mercury in my dental fillings. Naturally I have wanted to have the amalgam removed but have been searching for the right mercury free dental practise to do so. When I found HDC and met Emma and Sharon and Julie, I knew it was the right place!

I have just finished treatment where six were removed and I am delighted with the end result. I am quite a nervous dental patient and absolutely hate anaesthetic injections and have fainted in the past due to the adrenalin content. I also find it difficult to keep my jaw open for long periods of time due to TMJ.

I need not have worried. Emma was just fantastic at putting my fears behind me. I found out that I could have an anaesthetic without adrenaline and without the pain too. This was a revelation to me and even the numbness wore off very quickly too. I have never known anybody to be more careful and considerate when giving an injection than Emma.

She recommended that we do each removal separately to keep the time with my jaw open to a minimum. This worked perfectly.

My nervousness has turned to stronger confidence with each and every appointment. They work so well together and are totally professional and you just know you are in good hands. I thoroughly recommend Emma and her team – they are all fantastic and I have to say that HDC is the best dental practise I have ever been to.

Many thanks to you all!

Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

I would like to thank Emma, and her very skilled team, for helping me in what could have been a very traumatic experience.

I have suffered for many years with severe food allergy / intolerance problems and arthritis. My consultant, at The Breakspear Medical Centre, recommended that I have my many amalgam fillings removed as they could be adding to my problems and may even be the cause of them.

I decided in January 2014 to start getting the fillings removed.

The Holistic Dental Centre in Farnham, Surrey, was recommended by my daughter, who also had promblems, and had done a lot of research in finding a suitably qualified dentist who used the necessary precautions and appreciated the problems that amalgam poisoning can cause.

Upon registering with the dentist, Emma Davison, I was given a very thorough initial examination, Xray and Electrogalvanic evaluation.

The Electrogalvanic evaluation, of which I had not heard of before, determines the electro conductivity of each amalgam filling i.e. the electrical activity, which gives an indication of the amount of mercury vapour released from fillings and to the possible systemic effects of having a 'battery' in the mouth.

Any reading over 2 micro amps may be significant and my measurements were well above this level for 5 of my 8 amalgam fillings.

I had also experienced tasting a metalic taste and small electrical currents from time to time.

The dental practise gives advice for the nutritional support required to safely remove the mercury from the system whilst the treatments are undergoing.

I had over many years experienced many poor, painful treatments from dentists hence I was, to say the least, very apprehensive about having so many fillings removed.

From my first appointment Emma and the staff were very friendly, reassuring and supportive and always had time for each treatment. I never felt rushed which I found very reassuring.

Emma has had to administer many local anaesthetics during my treatment and not once have I ever felt any pain! This was a whole new experience for visiting a dentist for me as previously I had felt a lot of pain and badly administered injections.

The whole experience over the past 18 months has been amazing.

My teeth look great, the colour matches on the inlays and onlays, crowns etc are a perfect match. I am now amalgam filling free .

I understand that even with all the precautions taken whilst removing the fillings my system may take up to 18 months, from the last removal, to clear the amalgam ( mercury) from my system.

But with the nutritional / supplement support this may be much shorter and I am already feeling much healthier.

I first noticed a change after about 6 months when my energy levels improved rapidly and my food intolerences were not as severe.

I can honestly say that going to the dentist has been a great pleasure and a life changing experience.

I shall continue with Emma as my dentist even though it is an hour's drive from my home, I would never consider changing. Emma is an exceptional dentist, whilst being a lovely friendly lady.

Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

Emmas approach is a refreshing change. She explains everything in plain English, uses photos to show what work is required, and recommends treatment to stop problems before they happen. She is also very gentle and considerate, and understands that going to the dentist can be alarming for some people. Thanks for the excellent care.

Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

I used to be terrified of the dentist. Something about the whole experience would make me sweat and I never thought my teeth would be as clean and white as I wanted them to be. Then on a whim I started using the Holistic Dental Centre in Farnham and over the past couple of years my smile has improved, I no longer have any sensitivity and a trip to see them is almost something to look forward to. From the friendly faces on reception, the lovely Practice Manager Sharon and of course the expert dentistry on offer, there really is nothing they won't do to make you feel relaxed and comfortable, whatever the treatment. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing a dentist, go on give them a try, you won't be disappointed.

Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

It's strange to rate a dentist with the term "Loved it", as people rarely "love" going to the dentist, but actually I kinda do with these guys! I discovered them around 6 years ago when I wanted all of my many amalgum fillings replaced with non-mercury fillings. I had the whole lot done in two sittings with NO PAIN, nothing at all. The whole team are lovely, very caring and knowledgable. They also see my husband who has very sensitive teeth, medical complications and is very nervous of the dentist, and their kind and patient manner has been fantastic for him. Despite having to drive two hours to get to the clinic, I just can't go anywhere else now!

Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

After a possible amalgum-related health scare, I decided to have all my amalgum fillings removed and replaced, and researched extensively to find a dental practice that uses a safe protocol. In the end I chose this practice at Farnham, even though I have to travel over 120 miles each way for my appointments! It was the right decision. I could not be more impressed with the incredible service I've received, the superb skill of the dentist (Dr Emma Davison) and the efficiency and friendliness of her entire team. They've not only been super-flexible given the distance I have to travel, but the quality of the work is first class in every way. The amount of care and skill has been incredible. I have never felt 'rushed', as has been the case so often elsewhere, and have felt genuinely cared for and welcomed. I cannot fault any aspect of the practice or the service and all the staff have been truly fantastic. I'm thrilled now that all the amalgum has been so safely and carefully removed and replaced and also really appreciative of the extra care taken by Dr Davison on a number of issues specific to myself that caused her extra work and attention to detail which she was incredibly caring, kind and thoughtful about. 100 per cent recommendation from me. Outstanding in every way. I forgot to say that I did not feel a single tiny bit of pain during my treatment, despite being hugely dental phobic for years, in fact I can't believe I'm saying this, but at one point I nearly fell asleep during a filling! That's how relaxed and un-anxious I was. I just thought it was important to add that.

Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

Dear Emma

When I nervously phoned The Holistic Dental Centre last September to book an appointment I never could have imagined that nine months later I would be so delighted with the outcome of the course of treatment to remove all my amalgam fillings and restore my teeth.

Starting at the beginning, I was told by my local dentist that my amalgam fillings would shortly need replacing and I decided to research the subject of safe removal of amalgam and realised that I needed to find a dentist who had the specialist knowledge, skill and equipment to carry out the procedure without additional exposure to mercury during the process. I found the holistic Dental Centre website very informative and when I phoned and spoke to Heidi I felt sure that an initial appointment to discuss my requirements would enable me to decide whether or not to embark on the course of treatment.

My first visit provided me with a lot of information to assimilate. I had not been aware of any health problems which may have been attributed to mercury sensitivity but the results of Electro galvanic evaluation indicating that mercury vapour was being realised from my amalgam fillings, along with the photographs taken of all my teeth made me realise that I needed to think seriously about going ahead with a course of treatment to restore my teeth and safeguard my health.

I appreciated being given information about diet and supplements before, during and after treatment which I have followed. I also appreciated being given a treatment plan and estimate and the opportunity to ask questions all of which were answered which helped me make the decision to g o ahead. I never felt under pressure to make a decision but was able to take my time to consider what I wanted to do.

One of my difficulties was the round trip from home to the surgery which is about 140 miles, so easy parking nearby and help from Sharon in arranging suitable times for appointment's made this easier. I have been impressed at the time keeping for appointments so being able to park easily gave me peace of mind that parking wouldn't be a problem which might cause me to be late.

The ambience of the Holistic Dental Centre is welcoming, friendly, scrupulously clean and beautifully calm to someone, like me, who is somewhat nervous patient! The chair is very comfortable, so much so that sometimes I felt a bit sleepy. I even appreciated the Neal's yard hand wash which is maybe a funny thing to mention, but all part of the experience!

There are other things that contributed to my positive experience during the course of treatment – being offered the comfort of a fleece blanket when I became a bit chilled during a long appointment and after each appointment the opportunity to see photographs of what had been done and the time to ask questions. I found this particularly helpful as in the past I have felt rushed and never dared to ask questions as I could see that the dentist at my previous practice was too busy and needed to get on to the next patient.

Initially I felt that the two appointments with Jane the hygienist was a bit excessive but I realised quickly that even though I have been to a hygienist regularly in the past that I'd never been educated properly in dental hygiene with consequent build-up of plaque leading to poor gum health . Jane's treatment and advice has been amazing and I really value what I have learnt and put it into practice every day.

Emma your skill as a dentist and your calm manner gave me peace of mind and great confidence to continue with treatment. You and Heidi make a great team, working calmly together, which added to my feeling of being in safe hands.

I guess that with a course of treatment for quite extensive dental restoration that things sometimes crop up unexpectedly and on the occasion of my temporary onlay causing me problems I appreciated the fact that I was fitted in with an appointment the next day to replace the onlay before I went on holiday, and I was grateful for the emergency dental kit and email advice when I needed to use it! All very reassuring and enough to convince me and my husband that we're not cut out to be dentists as we worked together to replace the temporary onlay several times during our holiday!

Finally I can't thank you enough for looking after me so well at my recent appointment when I needed some very minor adjustment to the anterior restorations. I have every confidence that you would be able to deal with the matter and sure enough you identified what needed to be done and it has made a world of difference to my comfort and was done with your usual kindness and in a way that made me feel I wasn't being a nuisance.

My experience of coming to you at the holistic dental centre has been very positive and I am absolutely delighted with the result. Not only do my teeth look better without amalgam but my oral health has been given a boost and having started out feeling nervous I know I made the right choice to go ahead.

Many thanks to you and your colleagues for looking after me so well.

Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

Dear Team,

Just a line to thank you for the level of care and professionalism you showed me yesterday for the first stage of my filling replacements. The treatment was second to none and the human touch made the high standard of work all the more impactful. No need to reply just wanted to convey my thanks.

See you for part 2 in April!

Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

Just thought I'd drop you a line after all these years to say how great I feel! I was diagnosed with MS in 2008. After some research I came to you to have my amalgam fillings tested. The levels of Mercury diagnosed were quite high, so needless to say I had every one of them removed! Within a month of complete removal, it was like a thick fog had been lifted from my head. It has been 6 years now and I feel fantastic :D No MS symptoms to date. So a big thank you to the lovely Emma who removed them all and for being gentle and caring.

Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

I attended the Holistic Dental Centre to have my mercury fillings removed and I can tell I won't be coming back again !

And the reason I won't be coming back is because its been 5 years since I had the treatment and my teeth have been in perfect shape ever since with no treatment needed whatsoever when I have had check ups at my regular local dentist. In fact I am in and out of the dentists chair literally in a matter of minutes and each time the dentist has expressed some amazement at what good state my teeth are in. This is a first for me !

The only reason I have resorted to the local dentist is because of the distance, I travelled at least one hour each way to come to HDC and it was well worth the journey. I no longer fear going to the dentist because I just know that no treatment will be required. The main reason actually for this new-found confidence is because of the thorough but simple hygiene routine taught to me by Jane.

HDC were friendly, professional and caring in absolutely every respect from the start to finish, they are role models for the entire health profession.

Thank you all very very much, I wish you all and keep up the great work.

Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

Hi Emma,

What we really want to say is firstly 'thank-you' once again for being the honest and gentle you that gives us faith and trust in you and your profession. Which believe us, is a very big deal.

The second thing we want to say, is that you mentioned your wee lad today and his burgeoning passion for drums. We would so love to gift you the electronic drum-kit we have. He can practice to his heart's content and see where it takes him. And if it's not for him, just give it away to Oxfam, a school, or another wee budding percussionist who might want to give it a bang! All he'll need is headphones and maybe an iPod so he can drum along to his favourite tunes. If you (and he) want the drum-kit – just let us know your address and we'll drop it around to you. It would be an absolute pleasure.

I remember on our MBA course that we called you 'Mother Earth' because of your gentle care for others. We're so glad that you're in Farnham (not Fulham) so that you can take gentle care of us.

Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

Dear Emma,

Sorry this has taken so long to write but I have been busy with work – the holidays have now arrived!!!!

It has been two months since all my dental amalgam has been removed. I continue to sleep well – better than I have done for years! My general health appears to be improving with an increase in energy and a feeling of well-being. All my oral lichen planus has disappeared as a result of amalgam removal. I had been attending my local hospital to monitor this for over five years prior to my visit to the Holistic Dental Centre.

The personal care that I received at the Holistic Dental Centre cannot be seconded. Emma Davidson and all her staff were gentle, caring and courteous at all times and I would heartily recommend other people to seek out this holistic approach to dentistry.

Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

Dear all,

I've been meaning to write to your for ages to say thank you for the excellent work you did on my teeth back in May. I had the mercury fillings out, and the ceramic inlay, and all is going well. I have noticed a few differences without the mercury - but I also think the major changes will be physiological and not mental. Anyway, as a nice little extra I stopped getting electric shocks off my car. I no longer reach for the door handle with anticipation!

Please pass on my thanks,

Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

Dear Emma

I wanted to put in writing my gratitude to you and your team for the excellent care I have received over the past few months. Deciding to have my amalgam fillings removed was quite a daunting thought but from start to finish I was reassured by the friendly, professional treatment I received.

It was a pleasure to walk into the Centre to be greeted by Sharon-always welcoming,friendly and helpful. The treatment provided by yourself, assisted by Heidi, was explained thoroughly at each stage with constant checks that I was ok. The treatment was unbelievably painfree so thankyou once again.

Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

After a disappointing experience with a dentist a number of years ago I became a nomadic patient travelling from practice to practice and never settling. After realising my teeth were in need of some quality attention I decide it would be a good idea to follow the holistic approach. I live in Southampton and had a number of options but decided to choose the Holistic Centre at Farnham and see whether my dental experiences could really be improved. Firstly, I would like to list the key players that I have encounter on my visits. Sharon Johnson, Practice Manager Friendly, efficient, diplomatic and extremely well organised. Heidi Page, Dental Nurse Friendly, right hand woman of Emma, who you simply can not live without in any dental practice. Jane Rous, Therapist/Hygienist Jane is really passionate about her work and it shows. If you want a clean healthy mouth, Jane is your woman. Emma Davison, Principal Dentist Extremely charming, friendly, excellent communicator, and has exceptional hand dexterity, with a light touch. I could write endless words on the individual treatments I received, but I am not sure that is really useful if you are trying to make a decision as to whether you should entrust your money and your teeth to any one particular dental practice.

Well, what do I really think, are they any good? Is it worth the effort of travelling and the cost or are they just like the rest? I very happy to say that yes it is worth the effort. They are a team that is playing in the premier league of dentistry. The end results are first class. They work as a team and it shows. Individually they are all very strong in their particular areas. There is no weak link and Emma is exceptionally skilled dentist. The last time I nearly fell asleep while being treated. They really do listen to you and act on it. I have, on a number of occasions, asked for particular treatments and they have been willing and able to accommodate my requests. In regard to the costs there are number of choices, so it is all down to the materials you wish to select and treatments. High quality dentistry will cost more (in terms of the equipment, materials and skills) but when you remember the number of years the dental work will last and how important your teeth are to your general health it really is worth it. If you are a nervous patient you will not find any one better to treat you. In many ways I am surprised to be writing this recommendation because after many years of life and many disappointments it makes a refreshing change to be able to write about a very good, positive experience having had no connection with this practice until I became a patient. At last I am beginning to smile again.

Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre
Review image

Just a quick note to let you know how I have been doing since the end of the treatment.

I have seen a great improvement since August. I have now come off of the citalopram and amytriptoline. Also I have been able to begin exercising.

During the last three weekends I have done quite long cycle rides (over 13 miles) which isn't bad for someone who couldn't walk 1⁄4 mile without considerable pain. Also I can walk upstairs without any pain.

Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre
Review image

N.W - Eastleigh

Thank you, Rachel, Sharon and Pat for meeting my dental healthcare needs. As you know I was keen to have my amalgams removed for many health reasons.

I found the whole experience pain and stress free, in fact I looked forward to each visit, as it was one step nearer to becoming Mercury Free. I complement you on having a very professional team working with you.

What I found particularly reassuring was that you explained what you were doing as you worked on my teeth, constantly asking if I was OK was helpful also.

The anaesthetic you used was quick acting and very effective which also wore off quickly after the treatment and was completely gone before I had even got home. I am not bothered about needles but I cannot remember seeing one, which would be comforting to any one who is Aichmophobic.

I am confident that I made the right choice to have my amalgams removed, along with the big bad tooth that I never knew was there. It now remains to coax the mercury out of my body.

One of the many symptoms I have had, for over 10 years was a sore tongue. Whenever I ate or drank anything my tongue would be sore along with a metallic taste in my mouth that was partly relieved by brushing my teeth. I have mentioned this to my NHS dentist several times but he could never provide a diagnosis or remedy.

My doctor sent me to Guys' hospital to see an ENT specialist who was at a loss as to what was wrong or what to do about it. She did say that there was nothing sinster going on so this was reassuring. At the end of the appointment with her I mentioned that I was thinking about amalgam removal, she said she was not a dentist and could offer no advice.

How would they explain that since having the amalgams out I have noticed a 90% reduction in these symptoms? I look forward to other symptoms going the same way as the mercury is gradually removed.

I will have no hesitation in recommending your practice to anyone who would like professional friendly, pain and mercury free dental care.

Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

I would like to thank you and your team for taking care of my dental health over the past six years. You have put a smile back on my face, in more ways than one, having been the catalyst for the improvement in my health.

Your colleague diagnosed mercury poisoning and I was fortunate that you were the dentist that carried out the treatment and removed the mercury. At the time I was feeling a little under the weather (my immune system was operating at one third of normal). Great care was taken throughout the treatment to the extent that I did not even feel the injections. With the removal of the last mercury filling I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The pain in my right kidney that I had experienced for the previous 25 years disappeared after two weeks. As a result my health has gone from strength to strength.

During my last treatment you replaced some very old crowns. The transformation has been amazing with an excellent colour match and natural looking crowns that don't make me look like Bugs Bunny!! I am no longer embarrassed to smile. Thanks to you and all of your team involved in my treatment, for the care and concern shown and your excellent 'bedside manner'.

Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

I'm writing to thank you for my course of treatment earlier this year. I was very impressed with the quality of your work, the attention to detail, and the friendly caring atmosphere in your practice. Particular things I liked were:

  • The way in which everything was explained in detail and questions answered, before any treatment was undertaken, and as we went along, step by step, so that I understood completely what was happening and why.
  • The use of colour photographs (displayed on the overhead screen) and very detailed x-rays to support the explanation of what was wrong and what treatment was needed.
  • The advice on nutrition and other areas to support the dental treatment – in particular, removal of mercury amalgam fillings.
  • The materials used for fillings, inlays and crowns – they feel just like real teeth and I honestly can't tell now which are real teeth and which are not!
  • Your patient and thorough manner approach.
  • The detailed and thorough explanations I got from the Hygienist about how to clean and floss my teeth and gums, and generally maintain healthy teeth

- I had never had this before in 56 years and God knows how many Dentists!

I am very glad to have finally got rid of all the mercury fillings and feel much better for it. Not only that, but for the first time in decades, I feel my mouth is in really good condition, and am confident it will remain so. It has made me realize just how bad the dental treatment I received before really was. Although the treatment was a major expense for me, I feel it was well worth every penny.

Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

Having recently joined the Holistic Dental Centre I am extremely happy with the treatment that I have received. It has been very thorough and excellent service whilst in and out of the treatment room. Also having had 2 appointments with the hygienist my teeth have never felt so clean!!

Holistic Dental Centre £ Farnham 01252 820004 Holistic Dental Centre

I was always fairly happy with my NHS Dentist, except that every time I went for my six-month check up or hygienist appointment I was greeted and treated by a different dentist! As I grew up being extremely nervous of dentists, it is always with a certain amount of trepidation that I sit in the chair and do as I'm told whilst tensing all the muscles in my body as my mouth is poked and prodded! After a really bad experience at my last NHS dentist, where I felt that I was being talked to like a naughty child, I decided enough was enough and that I needed to take control and make decisions regarding my oral health, based on the knowledge and experience of someone I trusted. Trust comes from respect and that is exactly what I have received from everyone at The Holistic Dental Centre.

After talking first to Sharon, the Centre's Practice Manager, I made an appointment for the initial consultation, which lasted an hour.I was asked questions about my general health and lifestyle. Until she examined my mouth - which was the most thorough dental examination I have ever had - Emma talked to me face to face and I instantly felt a rapport with her, and that at last I had found someone who was listening to me! We decided together on my treatment plan, which I know will take time, patience and many hours of lying in that very comfortable chair. During the year since that initial examination, I have made many visits to both Emma and Jane - simply the best hygienist ever! - and if I have needed pain relief during treatment, it is administered sympathetically and painlessly with an adrenaline-free injection, which I was offered because I always seem to have a reaction to some anaesthetics. Hopefully over a period of time, I intend having all my amalgam fillings replaced after which I am hoping my powers of concentration, memory and general health will improve. Having treatment at the Holistic Centre is so amazingly different from any other Dentist I have ever attended and I am just sorry that I left it so long to find them.

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