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Mercury Free

Mercury-Free Referral Practice

The official position of the British Dental Association (BDA) is that 'silver' fillings are safe and that amalgam (containing mercury) is a good material to restore decayed teeth. The Association states that there is no proven connection with adverse health complaints. The Health and Safety Executive states:

'Mercury forms a large number of organic and inorganic compounds. Mercury vapour and almost all of these compounds are highly toxic. Less hazardous substitutes should be used whenever possible'.

However, more recently the BDA has released a statement saying that more research needs to be carried out to ensure safety.

The UK Department of Health advises all dentists not to remove or replace amalgam fillings in pregnant women.

At Holistic Dental Centre we agree with the body of opinion that mercury may produce serious side effects in susceptible individuals. It has become increasingly apparent to us, having studied the plethora of research papers, that we are no longer happy placing amalgam fillings in patients' mouths, or subjecting our nursing staff or ourselves to further potential toxicity. This is our own opinion, and may not necessarily reflect the opinions of the other dental practitioners in the area. We recognise that the removal of mercury fillings will not necessarily guarantee a change in the health status of patients, and would strongly recommend that all medical complaints be thoroughly investigated by a relevant medical practitioner, with expertise in the appropriate field.

The British Dental Association has recently stated that 'about 3% of the population are estimated to suffer from mercury sensitivity'. From a population of 65 million, that's nearly 2 million, a large number indeed!

The views expressed on this website are our own personal views and not necessarily shared by the rest of the dental profession.