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Direct Dental Filling in Farnham, Surrey

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Restorative Dentistry » Composite 'Direct' Fillings

In our centre we use the latest materials for dental fillings. In the case of direct fillings (placed at the Practice, during one visit) we use composite materials. These materials imitate the natural colour and translucency of each tooth. Hybrid composites also have increased mechanical resistance which have reduced abrasion, washing away and fracturing.

We also use the most up-to-date composites for aesthetic, almost invisible fillings and restorations.

Following preparation, the dentist places the composite in layers, using a light specialized to harden each layer. When the process is finished, the dentist will shape the composite to fit the tooth. The dentist then polishes the composite to prevent staining and early wear.

If you want general information on a condition or treatment, go to the British Dental Health Foundation's web site where they have over 40 online leaflets.


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