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Dental Products

Dental Products

DENTAL PRODUCT (prices are correct as at 12 November 2021)
Electric Toothbrush
Oral B professional Care 2000
Twin Heads
Single Head
Te Pe Brushes (all sizes)
Interspace Brushes
Aloe Dent Alcohol Free Mouthwash £4.50
Aloe Vera Toothpaste £4.80
Colgate Dental Tape £3.50
Superfloss £3.95
Glide Picks £5.80
Plaque Search Disclosing tablets £3.00
Dentanurse Kit £9.00
Bee Vital Propolis Mouthwash 250ml £5.80
Bee Vital Propolis Lip Balm 10g £3.50
Bee Vital Propolis T/paste £4.95
Bee Vital Book £9.99
Tongue Cleaner £3.50
SPLAT Biocalcium ToothPaste £4.40
SPLAT Biocalcium Mouthwash £4.40
Bamboo Floss £4.90
Bamboo Piksters £4.00
Woobamboo Vanilla Toothpaste £6.50
Georganics Activated Charcoal Vegan Toothpaste 60ml £6.50
Georganics Activated Charcoal Vegan Floss £5.20

If you would like to order any of the products above, please email/telephone the practice with your payment and address details and we will post out your products 1st class.

Biocare Adult Multivit & Minerals 60 Capsules £22.05
Bio-Acidophilus Forte 30 Tabs £33.60
Biocare Bio-Enzyme 90 Capsules £24.95
Biocare Garlic Plus With Biotin 90 Capsules £21.35
Biocare Nutrisorb Selenium 15ml £17.95
Biocare Vit C-Magnesium Ascorbate 250g £22.85
Biocare Vit C-Magnesium Ascorbate 60g £11.40
Eskimo-3 Fish Oils £25.95
Seagreens 60 x 500mg Capsules £17.00
Seagreens 180 x 500mg Capsules £46.00

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