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Mercury Free

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: Will my health insurance help?

If we can demonstrate by a blood test that confirms whether or not your immune system is sensitised to mercury or that you have a body burden of toxic metals; then you may have a slight chance with medical insurance. Dental insurance will not help unless the old amalgam fillings are failing and need replacing from a functional standpoint, or have decay around or under them.

Q.2: Will you protect me from further exposure to mercury during the amalgam removals?

Yes. We follow the protocol established by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, which is the leading research and teaching organisation in this field.

We use rubber dam that catches all the pieces of old filling and dust created by the drilling, it also helps to prevent the soft tissues of the mouth absorbing mercury vapour.

An activated form of charcoal is given to the patient prior to the commencement of treatment; it is an effective binder of mercury vapour.

We use an air filtration system called an IQ filter that actively removes impurities such as mercury vapour from the air.

Q.3: How many visits are involved?

Amalgam removal may take as few as two visits up to possibly 4 visits. It all depends on where the fillings are located in your mouth and the type of restorations that they require and most importantly the health of the patient.

Q.4: Will it hurt?

We do everything necessary to minimize any pain or discomfort that you might have. Please read some of our testimonials.

Q.5: What do I need to do before starting treatment?

We suggest a protocol that involves taking supplements, such as Vitamin C, Selenium and fish oils to optimise the immune system prior to treatment. A full list of recommended supplements will be given to you after your initial consultation.

Q.6: How much will it cost?

The answer to that depends on how many amalgam fillings you have and the type of biocompatible materials that we use as replacements, we will give you a comprehensive estimate before any replacement treatment is commenced. We offer an interest free payment plan to help with treatment costs.

The views expressed on this website are our own personal views and not necessarily shared by the rest of the dental profession.