Diastema – Invisalign

This patient began his Invisalign journey in February 2023 – – – its taken only 6 months!

He had a diastema in the upper teeth (gap between 2 front teeth) that he wanted to close.

He wore his aligners every day and night; and only removed them to eat.

Towards the end of his treatment, he whitened his teeth using his aligners.

We all think they look fantastic, as does he!

For anyone who is undecided about Invisalign, or who has a few questions on if its right for you; Dr Emma Davison offers FREE 30 minute photo assessments, where she will photograph your teeth and simulate what you could achieve with Invisalign. No pressure to continue if its not for you, but worth coming along to find out!

Invisalign is a clear aligner system used for straightening teeth and improving oral health. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign is removable, making it easier to eat, brush, and floss. Invisalign offers several benefits for your overall health and wellbeing beyond just straightening your teeth.

  1. Oral Health: Invisalign aligners are designed to fit your teeth perfectly and move them into their desired positions. This ensures that your teeth are not overcrowded and have enough space to properly clean them. Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss, which reduces the risk of cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues.
  2. Improved Digestion: When you have misaligned teeth, it can affect your bite, which can lead to difficulty chewing properly. With Invisalign, your teeth are aligned correctly, enabling you to chew food properly, digest it better, and absorb nutrients more efficiently.
  3. Improved Breathing: Misaligned teeth can alter the shape of your mouth and make it harder to breathe properly through your nose. By straightening your teeth, Invisalign can help to improve your breathing and alleviate snoring.
  4. Reduced Jaw Pain: Misaligned teeth can cause pressure on the jaw joints, leading to discomfort and pain. By straightening your teeth with Invisalign, you can relieve this pressure and reduce jaw pain.
  5. Boosted Self-Confidence: Misaligned teeth can impact your self-confidence and make you feel self-conscious. By straightening your teeth with Invisalign, you can improve your smile, boost your confidence, and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Overall, Invisalign offers a range of holistic health benefits beyond just improving your smile. Improved oral health, digestion, breathing, reduced jaw pain, and boosted self-confidence are just a few of the many benefits of this clear aligner system. Contact our friendly reception team today to learn more about how Invisalign can help you achieve optimal oral and overall health. 01252 820004